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Anthotechniki Kafalonias

Dear customers,

Welcome to the wonderful world of delicate flowers.


We have been established since 1983, starting our business w ith the production of fresh cut flowers and over the years have grown, gaining ex perience dealing with commercial pieces.  We have worked with consistency and continuity, ensuring the quality and freshness of the plants and flowers we sell.

Our years in this business indicate the presence of our love of flowers and our passion for originality, with this we have managed to win the confidence and trust of the people of this island and beyond.

Our aim is to meet all of your requirements, no matter how difficult, combining with them strong elements of our new trends, so that we can provi de you with exactly what you want whatever the occasion. Making each piece unique whether it is a simple bouquet or more important arrangments for your wedding or the christening of your children.

The Anthotechniki Kafalonias not only deals with the art of flower arrangement but for 15 years has also dealt with the landscaping and maintenance of gardens. We can create you a beautiful
garden so that you can enjoy a stunning, tranquil and serene environment.


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